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Independent Vision: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Martin Muller Collection
Voices of the Delta: Lisa Krannichfeld
Voices of the Delta: James Matthews
Voices of the Delta: Tammy Harrington
Voices of the Delta: Marjorie Williams-Smith
Voices of the Delta: Tim Hursley
60th Annual Delta Exhibition Conversation & Awards
The Arkansas Arts Center - Tour with Thom Hall
A Luminous Line: Forty Years of Metalpoint Drawings by Susan Schwalb
John Marin Scholar's Day at the Arkansas Arts Center
Todd Herman, Arkansas Arts Center -- Arkansas Business Nonprofit Executive of the Year
"Becoming John Marin: Modernist at Work" Opening Reception
"Becoming John Marin: Modernist at Work" Lecture by Ann Prentice Wagner, Ph.D.
Enameling: Sgraffito
Victor Ekpuk "Ode to Joy"

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