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Traveling Exhibitions

The Traveling Exhibitions program features selections of drawings, prints and photographs from the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation Collection. These exhibitions typically contain 18 to 30 artworks selected by the curatorial staff. These exhibitions contain educational components which make them ideal for use at regional arts organizations and universities. Fee support is available. Contact info@arkansasartscenter.org for details about lighting and security requirements, pricing and availability.

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Arkansas Wildflowers:

Watercolors by Inez Whitfield

Inez Whitfield illustrated more than 400 species of Arkansas wildflowers, of which 376 remain and are owned by the Arkansas Arts Center. Whitfield painted each plant to scale in watercolor, identifying the scientific name, common name, and the month and season of bloom. This exhibition of 30 watercolors honors Whitfield’s contribution to the documentation of the state’s abundant flora while also honoring her legacy as a community leader.

Poet in Copper: Engravings by Evan Lindquist

The prints that make up Poet in Copper are drawn from the Arkansas Arts Center's collection of over 225 works by the natural state's Artist Laureate for 2013-2017, Evan Lindquist. Lindquist, a master printmaker, became one of the most important forces in Arkansas graphic art during his forty years teaching printmaking and drawing at Arkansas State University until his retirement in 2003. His lyrical engravings have explored abstract imagery, music, portraiture, landscape, satire, architectural fantasies, and the history of printmaking, among other subjects. This exhibition includes images from throughout Lindquist's long, passionate career in art.




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