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Through Our Eyes

August 7, 2018 – November 11, 2018

Organized by the Arkansas Arts Center

Through Our EyesSince 1968, a wide range of youth visual arts classes have been offered in the Arkansas Arts Center’s Museum School. This selection of works from current youth students ranging from age 2 – 18 serves as a visual reminder of the importance of arts education.

Students in Museum School classes have a unique opportunity to learn from professional artists in a museum setting, using the Arkansas Arts Center’s history, collections and special exhibitions as the backbone for art making. Our youth students are vital to the growth and spirit of the Arts Center as a whole.Through Our Eyes

Our students are learning not only about the basics of art making and art appreciation, but they are also learning self-expression, communication skills and focus. Arts instruction also helps to foster visual thinking skills that lead to self-reflection, critical thinking and problem solving. All of these skills will filter into every aspect of a child’s life.

This show is an important opportunity to highlight the talents of our students and teachers. You will notice that the show is hung at a lower center, making it more inviting and accessible to a young child. This truly gives ownership of the work and exhibition to the youth students, and creates a feeling of comfort and belonging that is not always present in a traditionally hung museum exhibition.

Featured Works from the Exhibition

Emma Duncan, age 9, Pear in Paradise, 2018, paper collage, Instructor: Jeremy Couch

Group Project, ages 6 - 8, School of Jellyfish, 2018, tempera paint, yarn, beads and glue, Instructor: Miranda Young

Henry Barlow Bennett, age 4, Super Me, 2018, oil pastel and watercolor on paper, Instructor: Miranda Young

Mariah Carter, age 17, Day Platter, 2018, raku-fired clay, Instructor: Barbara Middleton

Mathew Lewis, age 7, Leopard, 2018, oil pastel on paper, Instructor: Miranda Young

Aidan Keach, age 13, Clay Dog, 2018, high-fired stoneware, Instructor: Barbara Middleton

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