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Studio Calendar

Under the appropriate date, each entry is noted by:  studio location, class title, and instructor’s name. This calendar will be updated on a regular basis with cancelled, relocated, and make-up classes clearly noted. 

Please do not assume that a studio is “open” just because it is not listed on this calendar. Multiple departments use the studios, and reservations sometimes occur at the last minute. To be on the safe side, you should always call the Museum School Office (501-396-0353) to verify if a studio is reserved or in use.  Faculty may reserve studios by contacting the Museum School Office. Non-faculty reservations involve a rental fee. Contact the Museum School Office for details. 


Studio 1 - Located just off the Big Courtyard (orange doors)

Studio 2 - Woodshop (red doors)

Studio 3 - Ceramics – Handbuilding Studio (green doors)

Studio 4 - Ceramics – Wheelthrowing Studio (green doors)

Studio 5 - Kiln Room (green door)

Studio 6 - Jewelry and Small Metals Studio (dark blue doors)

Studio 8 - Located at the end of the hallway between the Jewelry Studio / Museum School Office (purple doors)

Ottenheimer Digital Lab (ODL) - Located off the Jackson T. Stephens Gallery, 2nd floor.


Business Hours: Mon – Fri 9 AM - 5 PM       Address: P.O. Box 2137, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-2137      Phone: 501.372.4000

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