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AAC Staff Directory

Arkansas Arts Center staff listing by department and phone extensions. Main number: (501) 372-4000.

Todd Herman Executive Director Ext. 330
Laine Harber Deputy Director of Operations Ext. 301
Sharon Howell Executive Assistant Ext. 303
Business Office
Shannon Speer Controller Ext. 378
Bea Plant Business Office Coordinator Ext. 359
Debra Eggerson Business Office Coordinator Ext. 307
Denise Woods Human Resources Manager Ext. 333
Children's Theatre
Bradley Anderson Artistic Director Ext. 328
Keith Smith Associate Director Ext. 327
Drew Posey Technical Director Ext. 326
Erin Larkin Costume Designer Ext. 319
Nikki Webster Assistant Costume Designer Ext. 319
Rivka Kuperman Production Stage Manager Ext. 336
Elizabeth McMath Stage Manager Ext. 338
Mark Hansen Production Assistant  
Michael Stacks Lighting Designer  
Lauren Lusk Prop Master and Charge Artist  
Visitor Services
Allison Shaw Visitor Services Representative/Front Desk Ext. 305
Reveille Isgrig Visitor Services Representative/Front Desk Ext. 329
Lindsey Knight Visitor Services Representative  
Chelsey Becker Visitor Services Representative  
Erin Fowler Visitor Services Representative  
Jeremy Levi Visitor Services Representative  
Kelly Fleming Director of Development Ext. 345
Angela Stroud Development Officer Ext. 379
Leighanne Alford Donor Stewardship & Volunteer Coordinator Ext. 322
Spencer Jansen Membership Manager Ext. 337
Alysia Carter Development Operations Manager Ext. 355
Heather Hignite Development Assistant Ext. 383
Jean Heslip Facility Rental and Events Coordinator Ext. 394
Susannah Beachboard Foundation Relations Manager Ext. 351
Rana Edgar Director of Education and Programs Ext. 367
Deanna Ahern Education Specialist - Programs Ext. 376
Katie Combs Education Specialist - ArtMobile | Statewide ArtsReach Programs Ext. 347
Norma Hargraves Librarian and Research Assistant Ext. 341
Jessica Wright Sr. Education Specialist | Statewide ArtsReach Programs Ext. 350
Miranda Young Youth and Community Engagement Manager  
Brian J. Lang Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Craft Ext. 324
Ann Prentice Wagner Curator of Drawings Ext. 358
Katie Hall Registrar for Collections Ext. 310
Keith Melton Exhibition Designer Ext. 312
Matthew Smith Registrar for Exhibitions Ext. 311
Alex Moomey Head Preparator Ext. 375
Sam Jones Assistant Preparator Ext. 316
  For general curatorial requests contact  
Armando Bravo Facility Assistant  
Patrick Ellis Facility Assistant  
Angel Galloway Director of Marketing & Communications Ext. 340
Maria Davison Communications Manager Ext. 352
Daniella Napolitano Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer Ext. 340
Pat Ulrich Business Analyst Ext. 374
  For general media requests contact  
Museum School
Andrea "AnDi" Tompkins Museum School Manager Ext. 384
Janet Holmes Uchendu Museum School Registrar Ext. 354
George Spurrier Museum School Assistant Registrar Ext. 373
Karen Chisholm Museum School Administrative Assistant Ext. 325
Beth Lambert Ceramics Department Chair  
Robert Bean Drawing & Painting Department Chair  
Museum Shop
Katie Wilson Retail Operations Manager Ext. 356


Hours: Tues - Sat 10 AM - 5 PM | Sun 11 AM - 5 PM      Address: 9th & Commerce / MacArthur Park, P.O. Box 2137, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-2137      Phone: 501.372.4000

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