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Child + Teen Auditions

 Please check this page for upcoming audition announcements.

Upcoming Auditions


Children's Theatre Fall 2018 Auditions:

Student Auditions for Curious George: The Golden Meatball, Hansel and Gretel's Gingerbread Games, and Jack Frost in Santa Land will be held Thursday July 26 at 5pm. Please bring a photograph and wear clothing and shoes that do not hinder movement. Please contact Stage Management if you have any questions. or 501-396-0336

Click Here to Download the Fall 2018 Audition Form

Summer Theatre Academy 2018 Auditions:

Even though audition dates have past, spots are still available! Please contact Rivka Kuperman at or 501-396-0336 for information on submitting a video audition.

Click Here to Download the Summer Theatre Academy Audition Form


Is there a minimum age for student auditions?

There is no age limit for students auditioning for Children's Theatre productions, but students must be comfortable and capable of reading from a script.

Summer Theatre Academy is a program intended for students ages 10–18.

What size photo should students bring?

The size of the photograph does not matter as long as it is a good photo of the student's face. 

How long are auditions?

The length of the audition can vary depending on how many students attend. Auditions can range from an hour to two hours in length. 

Can I watch my child audition?

Auditions are closed to parents but parents are welcome to wait for their student in the auditorium. 

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