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Artmobile: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you get the art that is displayed on the Artmobile?

All works displayed on the Artmobile are original works of art from the Arkansas Arts Center’s permanent collection.

Who selects the artworks onboard the Artmobile?

Exhibition themes are selected for their widespread appeal and alignment with Common Core curriculum units used in schools. Artworks are carefully considered for their connection to the theme and selected through cooperation among the Exhibitions and Education staff. The AAC boasts a large collection of artworks; we attempt to display a wide range of diverse media with each new show.

How often are the artworks switched out?

Exhibitions are designed to last for one season which roughly corresponds to the school year. The Artmobile is available for rent from the end of August through the end of June.

What is a “Community Night”?

One of the best ways you can help us share the Artmobile with your community is by hosting a Community Night, scheduled during your five-day rental period. We encourage you to take advantage of the Artmobile staying open late for a few hours one evening to allow the public to visit outside of normal school or business hours. Community Nights are a great way to increase exposure, and students love showing off to their families what they learned in the mobile gallery. Be sure to let us know at least a month in advance the date and hours you would like to have the Artmobile open for a Community Night.

Do you provide art-making experiences onboard the Artmobile?

The Artmobile is an art gallery, featuring original works of art from the AAC’s permanent collection. As of now, we do not offer art-making experiences within the gallery. We do, however, provide a curriculum guide complete with art-making lesson plans that reinforce the exhibition theme. While in the gallery, our goal is for visitors to focus exclusively on the displayed objects. The unique experience of an art-viewing gallery is designed to supplement the existing art-making opportunities within communities.

What are the age recommendations for the Artmobile?

Exhibitions are designed to appeal to a wide audience, and pieces are carefully selected for appropriateness from the youngest to the oldest visitors. For guided tours at schools, we recommend groups from Kindergarten through High School.

Is the Artmobile wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Artmobile has an accessibility ramp at the rear entrance.


What are the parking location requirements?

The Artmobile requires a level, hard surface (preferably paved) measuring 35’ x 90’ with a 30’ overhead clearance (please make sure that the path to the parking spot also meets the 30’ clearance). We will provide a parking map on which you may indicate the most suitable space. It is also helpful if you can designate the space with cones, signs, etc. so that our driver, when delivering the Artmobile, can place the trailer exactly where you want it. Once the Artmobile is placed at the location, it cannot be moved by our driver.

When will the driver deliver the Artmobile?

The driver will deliver the trailer to the desired location during the weekend (usually Sunday) before the rental and pick it up the weekend (usually Saturday) after the rental. Please contact the Touring Programs Department if you have specific issues regarding parking availability.

How is the Artmobile powered?

In order to maintain climate control for the artwork, the trailer must be powered at all times. When delivered, the trailer will be running power through the onboard generator. The following options are available to the venue:

  • ELECTRICAL CONNECTION A three-wire 220/208 single phase service of 100 amps minimum is required to operate the Artmobile. The cable that extends from the Artmobile to your electrical source is approximately 70 ft. long. This cable must be wired directly into your power source (often a power pole or electrical box) by your maintenance staff/electrician. Your electrical power source will determine the parking location for the Artmobile.
  • DIESEL GENERATOR If a suitable electrical connection is not available, the Artmobile can run on its on-board generator. The sponsor is responsible for the cost of fuel as well as arranging for delivery of the fuel to the site.

Who is responsible for providing fuel for the diesel generator?

It is the responsibility of each venue to pay for diesel costs and to organize transportation of the fuel to the Artmobile site. Your organization’s transportation department may be able to work with you to keep the Artmobile fueled. In addition, arranging for delivery through your transportation office usually allows you to take advantage of wholesale fuel costs.

How much diesel fuel will we need for a five-day rental?

A very rough estimate of the amount of fuel you may need for a 5-day reservation, based on mild weather, is 72 gallons. However, seasonal climate demands on the heating and cooling systems will greatly affect performance and fuel consumption.

How often do we need to refuel the diesel tank?

The Artmobile and its artwork must be kept heated and cooled at all times. Therefore, the generator will run 24 hours per day. The diesel fuel tank will be filled by the driver upon delivery. You are expected to keep the tank filled for the length of your Artmobile reservation. For a typical 5-day booking, the tank should be filled or topped off 3 times in the 5 days. Please coordinate this schedule with the AAC’s onsite contact.

What are the requirements for using the electrical connection?

You will need a three-wire 200/208 volt, single phase service capable of delivering 100 amps minimum. The power source must be within 75 ft. of the trailer. There is a 75 ft. cable that will need to be wired directly into the power source at your location as soon as possible upon arrival.

Who connects the Artmobile to the electrical source?

The Artmobile Specialist will connect the cable to the trailer, but the wiring to your power source will need to be done by someone on your maintenance or electrical staff. If you do not have anyone on staff to do this, it is the venue’s responsibility to contract with a local electrician.


How do I book an Artmobile visit?

If you are interested in booking the Artmobile, please contact the Statewide ArtsReach Program at 501-396-0347 or via email for availability. The AAC will gladly answer any questions, provide further information, and provide a list of available dates. Once you have chosen a rental period, we will send the rental contract via mail or email. You will also receive a contract addendum where you may specify the desired parking location and power source.

Can I rent the Artmobile for only one day?

Due to the nature of the Artmobile and the logistics required for rental, we are not able to book for a single day during the week. The standard rental period is a five-day period during the week (i.e Monday through Friday). On occasion, the Artmobile is available for rental on the weekends at a pro-rated price; please inquire. You may also extend the rental period through the weekend for an additional cost.

Can the Artmobile be moved during the week?

The Artmobile is generally not available for mid-week moves. Our driver does not work at the AAC full-time and delivers the Artmobile to locations throughout the state on weekends. We may be able to make an exception for moves within a 50-mile radius from Little Rock; advance notice is required. If you wish to have the Artmobile moved during the week, you may obtain the services of a local certified driver with a tractor/cab. The driver must have a Class A CDL and pass a motor vehicle check form (the form is provided by the AAC).


What is the cost for an Artmobile rental?

The cost for a five-day rental is $1,000. The venue will be responsible for providing diesel or electricity. On occasion, the Artmobile is available for rental on the weekends at a pro-rated price; please inquire.

When do we have to pay for the rental?

You will receive an invoice the month of the rental. Payment is due to the Arkansas Arts Center within 30 days after the final date of the rental. Invoices will be mailed to the primary contact listed on the rental contract.

Are there ways to reduce our fees?

All of the AAC’s Touring Programs are eligible for fee support from the Arkansas Arts Council through the Arts on Tour grant. Eligible organizations (with a 501c3 tax classification – public schools, non-profit organizations, libraries, etc.) can apply for the 40% reimbursement via the Arts on Tour grant at

Can we charge admission to the Artmobile?

We do not regulate how you choose to pay for the rental, but we do encourage free entry into the gallery.

How much do I save with the Arts on Tour grant?

Based on a five-day rental, your total charge is $1,000; this will be owed to the Arkansas Arts Center in full within 30 days after the performance. If you receive the Arts on Tour grant, you will receive a reimbursement check for $400 within 2-3 weeks after submitting the required documentation to them. This means that your total out-of-pocket for a five-day rental is just $600.

How does the Arkansas Arts Council Arts on Tour grant work?

The Arts Council’s funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. You are encouraged to apply early; application does not guarantee funding. Once you book a rental, we are happy to provide an application along with our paperwork.Once you book complete the rental contract, you may apply for the grant online at Once you are approved for the grant, you will receive notification from the Arts Council as well as direct communication from them regarding instructions for receiving the funds. Please note that because this is a reimbursement program, you will be responsible for payment in full to the Arkansas Arts Center. You may then provide proof of payment in full (usually a cancelled check) to the Arts Council for reimbursement.


Can you tell me more about the educational materials?

The exhibition of original works from our permanent collection is an instant connection to learning in the classroom. While the guided gallery tours are an excellent educational benefit in themselves, we create an in-depth guide to further reinforce the educational opportunities available though the Artmobile’s visit. The Curriculum Guide includes information about the exhibition, teacher resources, quick-start activities, and cross-curricular lesson plans that align with Common Core and ADE frameworks. These resources are designed for use in the classroom both before and after the Artmobile visit.

Where can I find the educational materials?

The curriculum guide and a slideshow of artworks may be found on our website at In addition, we will mail to the primary contact a packet containing a hard copy of the Curriculum Guide, laminated reproductions of the artworks, a press packet, logistical information, and a tour scheduling form.

Do you provide press materials for the rental?

We are happy to provide a press release template for use in local advertising efforts. We also provide posters which you may distribute locally and are happy to assist with advertising your Community Night, if given at least one month notice. Additionally, we will have an 8’ vinyl banner available for display to help advertise along well-traveled roadways and a sandwich board-style sign that may be displayed in high-traffic walkways, etc.


Am I responsible for staffing the Artmobile during its visit?

An AAC employee travels with the Artmobile to facilitate tours and guide discussion. For security reasons, no visitors are permitted in the gallery without an AAC staff member present. The gallery will therefore be closed momentarily during any necessary meal or restroom breaks. For school groups, students must be accompanied by a teacher or other school staff at all times. In addition, school staff is expected to assist the Artmobile Specialist with enforcing proper gallery etiquette. The Artmobile Specialist may ask any students not exhibiting proper conduct to exit the gallery.

How long is each tour?

Artmobile tours fit within a normal class period; allow at least 30-40 minutes for each tour. When scheduling tours, consider roll call/head count time, bell schedules, and class change/transition times.

How many people can we fit into the gallery at one time?

Due to space limitations within the gallery, groups should not exceed 25-30 people.

I don't see my question answered here. Who can I contact?

Do you have any questions which have not been answered here? We are committed to providing the best possible service to our patrons--please feel free to send your questions to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact the Statewide ArtsReach Program at 501-396-0347 or via email for assistance.


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