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Children's Theatre on Tour

The Children’s Theatre on Tour brings to life exciting new works as well as classics of children’s literature. Recognized by the Drama League as one of the best regional theatre companies in America, the award-winning Children’s Theatre acting company tours the state, offering three productions a year. Each production lasts an hour or less, easily fitting into a classroom schedule, and an online activity guide further enhances the educational experience!

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Snow WhiteSnow WHite

November 13 - December 16, 2018

The wicked queen is the most beautiful lady in the land, and she has the word of a magic mirror to prove it. Obsessed with her beauty, the queen’s vanity grows year after year until one day the mirror names someone else the fairest in the land. Someone “whose heart is pure as new white snow.” Snow-white! The queen’s own step daughter!

 The mirror’s truth—that a beautiful heart within far outshines beauty worn only without—is more than the hateful queen can bear, and she vows to destroy the innocent princess. But the light of a pure heart is not easily extinguished. By the power of her inner beauty and with the help of a special gift from her real mother, Snow-white is able to escape the schemes of the wicked queen and begin her path to happy ever after. Adapted by Keith Smith from the brothers Grimm


The Tortoise and the HareThe TOrtoise and the Hare (and Other Turtle Tales)

January 15 - February 10, 2019

One of Aesop’s most famous fables is about a boastful bunny who learns a valuable lesson: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Of course, Aesop lived in ancient Greece, but there are turtle and tortoise stories (each with its own lesson) from many different cultures and traditions. From the Philippines comes the story of The Turtle and the Monkey. There’s also an African folktale about The Singing Tortoise, while Japanese culture gives us The Singing Turtle. From Bolivia there’s even The Song of the Armadillo. (Okay, not a tortoise, but she’s got a shell—and a very sweet story to tell.)

Through music and dance and witty turtle wordplay, this lively roundup of culturally diverse tortoise tales celebrates one thing that every culture holds in common: the fun of storytelling! Adapted by Keith Smith from traditional folktales


The Emperor's New ClothesThe Emperor's New Clothes

April 2 - May 12, 2019

The emperor loves clothes. His favorite thing to do is to dress up in lavish new outfits of the latest and boldest styles and admire himself for hours on end in his great imperial mirror. The emperor is a silly man.

Then one day a weaver arrives who claims to weave a very special cloth—a fabric so fine, so delicate, says he, that garments crafted from it are totally invisible to anyone but the most clever and sophisticated citizens. The emperor is delighted. He simply must have such an outfit and he simply must wear it in a grand procession through the capital city. What could go wrong? Right?

When the day of the procession arrives, the whole city is, of course, dazzled by their emperor’s new clothes. That is, until one wise little boy courageously pipes up: “Hey! The emperor has no clothes!” Then the real fun begins. Adapted by Keith Smith from the story by Hans Christian Andersen

Theatre workshops

Learn how to be a part of the play! The Children’s Theatre on Tour also offers Theatre Workshops to provide instruction on the performing arts to students of all ages. Students learn the basics including pantomime, voice and diction, improvisation and movement. Workshops are recommended for groups of 50 or less.


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