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July 18, 2014 - October 5, 2014

Some of the greatest, most cutting-edge graphic artists in America have participated in a series of National Drawing Invitational exhibitions at the Arkansas Arts Center since 1986. In 2014 the Arts Center will mount the 12th NDI, which will include artists from the Mid-Atlantic region. The contributing artists work in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania. Both emerging and mid-career artists for whom drawing is a major avenue of expression have been invited to participate by Curator of Drawings Dr. Ann Prentice Wagner, and co-curator Laura Roulet. These artists take traditional graphic forms to new heights and push the boundaries of drawing in fresh directions. As Drawings Invitationals have for 28 years, this exhibition will examine the latest innovations in one of the most ancient modes of world art. Drawings are defined by the Arts Center as unique works on paper – a wide open conception that leaves ample room for invention. From this signature series of exhibitions have come some of the major works in the Arts Center’s famed permanent collection of drawings.

Victor Ekpuk installing Ode to Joy.
Gary Kachadourian installing Three Scenarios in Front of Cinderblock Wall and Sky.


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